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Increasing the level of cyber security of entities banking and financial sectors of Ukraine

Cyber Security Center of the National Bank of Ukraine

The Cyber Security Center of the National Bank of Ukraine was established to ensure the effective functioning of the cyber security system of the banking and non-banking financial sectors of Ukraine.


  • To combine and coordinate the efforts of financial sector cybersecurity actors in countering current cyber threats.


  • Implementation of the best European and world practices, international and national standards on cybersecurity and information security, promotion of the development and improvement of cybersecurity systems, complexes and tools.

  • Development of communications, coordination and partnership between the cybersecurity system actors, organization of information exchange on cyber threats, cyber attacks and cyber incidents.

  • Ensuring the functioning of the Cyber Incident Response Team in the Ukrainian banking system CSIRT-NBU.

  • The activities of the NBU Cyber Security Center, its tasks and functions are defined and regulated by the Regulation on the Organization of Cyber Security in the Banking System of Ukraine, approved by Resolution No. 178 of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 12.08.2022, and other regulations of the NBU.

Cyber Security Incident Response Team in the banking system of Ukraine CSIRT-NBU

The Cyber Security Incident Response Team in the banking system of Ukraine CSIRT-NBU operates as part of the NBU's Cyber Security Center.
Its goal is to protect the NBU's information resources, assist banks and non-bank financial institutions in organizing and implementing cybersecurity measures, and counteract current cyber threats.


  • Improving the level of cyber defense of the financial sector entities in Ukraine.


  • Monitoring, detecting and responding to cyber incidents, collecting, accumulating and analyzing data on detected cyber incidents in the financial sector.

  • Analyzing current cyber threats, studying malware samples, developing cyber threat indicators, and developing recommendations for counteraction.

  • Promptly informing cybersecurity entities about recorded attempts to commit cyberattacks, disseminating information about cyber threat indicators.

  • Providing advisory assistance to the financial sector on organizing cybersecurity, detecting cyber incidents, responding to and counteracting cyber threats, and eliminating the consequences of cyber incidents.

  • Development of recommendations for cyber defense.

  • Cooperation and exchange of information with international organizations and trusted external sources of information on responding to cyberattacks.